Boat Wraps

Give your boat a cool new look with a captivating vinyl boat wrap from 800WrapMyCar. When it comes to boat wraps, you get what you paid for so you and your boat deserve the best boat wrap kit that money can buy. Are you interested in a custom boat wrap that will stand out from the other boat wraps on the river, boat dock, or while cruising the sea or lake waters? Here at 800WrapMyCar, we have a team of experts that take the time to get to know our clients and more importantly that take the time to help educate our clients on the complete boat wrap process. We have years of experience in offering boat wraps and we specialize in custom boat wraps. It doesn’t matter what kind of boat you have, we can wrap them all!

We specialize in all aspects of the boat wrap process. From the consultation with our clients, to the design process, and to the installation. Once installed, our graphic kits are fully warranted so that you can enjoy your boat wraps for years to come.

If your boat is continually looked over by onlookers because it just lacks a certain amount of style, contact us at 800WrapMyCar, we have the boat wraps and boat graphics you need to make your boat stand out! We design and create custom vinyl boat wraps that can change the appearance of any size boat.

The best part about our boat wraps is that the changes can always be reversed. If you find you no longer like the wrap in the future, it can easily be removed without risking damage to your boat. Contact us today to for a free consultation.