Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are also referred to as wrap advertising. Vehicle wraps are mostly used to help in advertising a company’s products or services. It is not that advertising through vehicles was not being done prior to introduction of these large vinyl sheets. But the earlier decals or stickers could only be pasted over small areas over the body of the vehicle as they could not be applied over curved surfaces. The introduction of bus wraps that are bright and beautiful has made them very popular among companies as a tool for advertising.

With no air bubbles, these wraps look like the paint of the vehicle

These car wraps were introduced only about a decade ago but they caught the imagination of business owners because of their beauty and efficacy to help promote their products and services. The best feature of these large vinyl sheets with adhesive on the back side was the presence of air release mechanism. Because of this mechanism, one could easily remove all air bubbles formed during the pasting of the vinyl sheet over the body of the automobile. With no air bubbles, these sheets could easily be spread over a large area even if there were curves in between. These vehicle wraps covered even bumpers and bonnet without any difficulty and it became easier for businesses to print large images and text in large fonts to make the message visible from a distance.

Vinyl film takes the shape of the panel over which it is applied. It is applied by trained professionals to make sure that it looks beautiful and natural after it has been pasted. It is not that car wraps are being used only to do advertising. They are also available in plain colors and many car owners make use of RV wraps to beautify their vehicles rather than to spread a message. These colored vinyl sheets are also used by trailer and van owners to make their automobiles more attractive.

Car wraps are used by vehicle owners to safeguard the original paint. Not only do these van wraps and trailer wraps look very beautiful and last for over 5 years, they also keep the original paint of the vehicle safe and secure. This means that the automobile looks as good as new when the owner decides to peel off these car wraps after using them for a few years.