You can make your vehicle a traffic-stopper by modifying its design. Carbon fiber vinyl wrap can serve as both a decorative and functional purpose. It can also protect the body of the vehicle from potential scratching. Carbon fiber vinyl wrap is usually sold in rolls, so it can be used in anyway desired. You don’t have to wrap your entire car. If you choose to wrap just the mirrors, deflectors, or the bonnet, you can have the car technician cut it accordingly. The car will not look cheap because the carbon fiber will reflect light. It is durable and easily cleaned with water.

Company cars should be protected with carbon fiber vinyl wrap to make them last longer. Company cars, especially those used by sales men, go through harsh weather conditions and increased likelihood of getting into accidents. The wrap will protect the car from scratches and dirt. It’s even easy to clean and does not require vigorous rubbing. Aside from that, the wrap can serve as a venue for the company to advertise their services. It can be pretty much like a banner, except that its made of carbon fiber vinyl. A graphic artist can design the advertisement and have it printed on the wrap.

The vinyl wrap process is labor-intensive, especially if the wrap will cover huge areas. The whole car has to be cleaned to remove grease and tar. The installer has to carefully cut the vinyl to fit that certain car area. Afterwards, the installers will apply the vinyl starting with one edge and meticulously work their way towards the other edges. The adhesives used vary ranging from laminate, epoxy resin, or surfboard resin. Surfboard resin is the most popular because it does not bubble too much, dries clearly, and is UV-resistant. This is a slow process because the vinyl has to cling to the car as much as possible. The installer has to avoid bubbles and spaces between the car surface and the wrap. When the wrap is finally stuck to the car surface, the installer smoothens the vinyl over the car further with a squeegee.

Car wrapping is an alternative to car painting. Car paint is more expensive than the wrap and it does not even protect the car surface from external factors as much as car wraps do. If you want to use carbon fiber vinyl wrap on your vehicle, make sure that you can do it flawlessly. Otherwise, have a professional do the job for you.