Race Car Wraps

If you are an oval Track, Drag or Dirt Track Racer and you need number tags, lettering, a partial or full wrap, corporate sponsor’s logos or adverts on your racer car, Vinyl Wrap can take your ideas from start to finish.

For several years’ race car owners, are using adhesive vinyl wrap on their cars as a better alternative than spending on paint which will be difficult to remove and even if is to be removed it cannot restore the car to its original state because the car will be scratched in the process of doing that. This is primarily because vinyl is significantly a less expensive alternative. Above that, modern vinyl technology can give good results that are just as amazing more than painted ones.

Yes, the vinyl wraps products have recently improved. For instance, bubbles are eliminated because vinyl is made of formable cast. Moreover, factory laminated coating can make the vinyl last longer than we expect.

Recently, vinyl wrapping is being used not only for race cars but for other cars that we want to change their colors. Instead of having to paint the car, owners may use a plain-colored vinyl as alternative.

The Process of Wrapping your Race Car

The procedure is carried out by selecting the right vinyl wrapping. Generally, the measurement of this product is 60 inches in width and 25 feet in length. It is estimated that this is what you need to wrap an entire car. Additionally, you can purchase a solid color wrap or you may also specify any graphic illustrations that you want such as images or any stripes.
In many ways, using this material is like repainting your car. The process can take few hours plus the fees charged by those who will work on it may vary depending on the company you select. Paint cleaners and alcohol will then be used to get rid of rusts and scratches.

As stated above, vinyl is particularly popular among race cars and even among vehicles used for various purposes. An example of this is the many delivery cars or vans that require some type of unique outlook in order to display the banners and contact information of certain businesses.

Before applying the wrap, it will be important to remove the moldings, mirrors, and other body parts of the car. This can be time-consuming but is recommended because it will make the task easier. After this, the car will be ready for the configuration. This will involve a lot of stretching and sticking of the wrap to get it right. Experts use advanced equipment to help the material stretch. The essential thing is to avoid burning the wrap.

We can see that only those with the adequate knowledge and skills should handle this job. It is the reason why you need to contact Vinyl Wrap to help in wrapping your race car.