Flat/Matte Wraps

Flat matte wraps are well-known to give your vehicle a unique cool look. Instead of doing a paint job on your vehicle, consider a new flat/matte wrap, these wraps make your vehicle appear as if it’s been through a new paint job and it will stay like that for a very long time.

When thinking about making a change to your vehicle, there’s no better way than to add a flat matte wrap. It will completely change the color of your vehicle than what it is now, and on top of that, these matte wraps look awesome!

If you’re not into the full flat matte appearance and want a little more shine, go for satin finish vinyl wrap. It’s like a flat finish, but has it has light shine. It looks close to matte vinyl, but with a pearl finish to it. This satin vinyl wrap looks great on any vehicle and gives you another option if you like the matte or flat finishes.

The matte and satin vinyl wraps look good on the hood and roof, but eye catching when you use them as color change wraps. Change the color of your vehicle in just a few days without all the effort and high cost of using paint to change the color.

The interesting thing about using matte wraps over paint, is that the wrap protects your original paint underneath. Let us apply the matte wrap to your vehicle and you keep it that way for many years. When you want to go back to the original color, just remove the matte and there you go. Any chips, bug spot or any scratches have been landing on the matte wrap, keeping your paint shielded from damage. The matte wrap does not hurt your paint.

Benefits of Flat/Matte Wrap

  • Select from a wide range of flat vinyl colors.
  •  It can be uninstalled without ruining your OEM paint.
  •  It can be washed without scratching the wrap.
  • Protects your paint from tear and wear encountered daily.
  • Combination of multiple matte colors for amazing effect.
  • Available in flat or satin finish.

Why Choose Vinyl Wrap?

At Vinyl Wrap, we only use top quality matte wraps and application techniques, so your wrap will stay for long time. Take it to car wash or wash it in your driveway. It’ll stay and look awesome for years.

We have tons of colors to pick from in both matte and satin finishes. You can even choose different colors for different areas of your car to customize and make it unique.

To get the most out of your color flat matte wrap, come to Vinyl Wrap and pick out your flat matte today.